Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness Week 2016 is Feb. 14-20.
We will be doing some Kindness Projects. Please keep a look out of notes being sent home.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Scarecrows at Preschool

The Preschoolers had fun creating scarecrows of themselves.  Each child brought a milk jug and old clothes. Some brought shoes, coats and hats as well.  To make the heads we put orange paint in the milk jug and the children shook them until the paint covered the inside of the jug.  We put in our favorite dancing music and the kids started shaking!!  The children chose foam shapes for the facial features and we helped them hot glue them to their jug. 

They helped stuffed their clothes with plastic grocery bags.  We duct taped the jug to a stick and stuck it inside the clothes.  Then we placed them outside in our front yard.

We added some accessories like phones, flowers, toys, pumpkins, etc. 

The Tea Party-- "S"- Stocking, "G"- Gum balls, and "C"- Cat. 
"G" Gum balls is texting.

"J" Jellyfish doing the Hoochie-Koochie Dance while "A" Angel sits on top of the mountain.

"R" Rabbit is chillin' while "P" Popsicle is just hanging around (upside down)

"D" Deer " and "A" Apple are ready to go for a bike ride.
"G" Guitar is pulling the firetruck. Firefighters "T" Turtle (in the hat)  and "S" Star are ready to fight fires.

"C" Car is sneaking back over the fence after playing in the back yard.

 "J" Jet (in front)  and "J" Jar (behind) are flying around on their spaceship.

"D" Dog (in red) and "G" Goldfish are sitting in the pumpkin patch. 
We tried to pose the scarecrows doing activities the children like to do and add some silliness too. 

Soon we will let the children take their scarecrow home and they can display them in their own yard.  

Monday, October 3, 2011

Gettin' a little dirty

When I opened a little over 8 years and we put in our first load of sand I remember apologizing to parents when their kids were dirty when they got picked up.  I will never forget what one mom said to me, "Oh it's great! At least I know he was busy playing and not sitting in front of a tv all day."  It was a relief to me that she understood the importance of : outdoor play and allowing children to explore their world even if they get dirty.  Many parents since then have expressed their approval.  

This weekend we added a new load of sand .  The kids were busy for hours!  

Dump trucks were filled and used to make roads.  If you look closely there is a small dinosaur laying on the road.  Before the sand was put in a few 'treasures' were scattered around the yard. the kids are so excited when they find one!  The treasures included small plastic dinosaurs and sea creatures, toy jewelry, key rings, large plastic toy money, and other odds and ends that are kid safe. (There are lots more to be found yet!)

Some of the kids enjoyed making sand castles. 

 The sand castle kingdom.

Yes, the kids went home a little (okay,  some kids-  a lot! ) on the dirty side.  It was not because we ignored them all day.  They worked hard and it showed.  They used their imagination, they worked together (actually their were a lot fewer arguments today than on other days), they learned about the properties of sand, they planned and executed those plans, and they enjoyed the experience. 
  Picture texts were sent to parents throughout the day.  As pick up time arrived, more phone cameras came out and their sand masterpieces were saved.  Tomorrow the sand castles will be toppled, the roads will be dozed closed and new creations will take their place.  The memories of today are saved in pictures, but I would guess the children will remember the experience for many years to come.