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Monday, February 27, 2012

Floor Maze- taking it to the next level!

The Internet has to be one of the greatest resources early childhood teachers have.  I am amazed at the wonderful ideas I have found!  The original floor maze I found at the blog:   Hands on: How we Grow   http://www.handsonaswegrow.com/2012/01/counting-activity-maze-of-numbers.html  .)
I recently found another similar idea using tape on the floor at : http://www.teachpreschool.org/2012/02/everyday-math-in-preschool/

After seeing this I immediately thought it would be fun to make this into a life size board game.  I got my chance this week.

Today as we began our Dr. Seuss Week and the reading of The Foot Book, I thought what a great use of our feet!  I brought out the tape and started making tape lines across the floor.

 I extended this between two rooms. The picture above is in our Truck/Block center. 
  I added lines in between to make boxes.
These are the boxes in the House area.

As the boxes reach the doorway between the two rooms the children find an orange and green arrow. At this box the children will roll a die with green and orange arrows on it.  The arrow they roll will determine if they have to take the long route or the short cut to 'HOME.'  ( Another die with the numbers 1 to 6 will tell them how many spaces they go on each turn. )  
 You will notice the green route is the longest one. The orange route is the shortcut.

Now we haven't actually played a game on this yet.  The kids had fun jumping from box to box as I taped them down. Some rolled from box to box, others took giant steps being careful not to step on the tape lines, and some others just ran along the path.  A few children brought out the trucks and buses and drove them down the 'roads.'  They were just enjoying having something different.  The ideas are endless!!  
Since it's supposed to be cold and rainy tomorrow we should have time to try this out.  I will have to post a follow up blog with the new ideas the kids come up. 

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