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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Floor Maze

(This was originally an idea I found on another blog:  Hands on: How we Grow   http://www.handsonaswegrow.com/2012/01/counting-activity-maze-of-numbers.html  .)

After last weekend's snow storm we found ourselves inside looking for something new to keep the kids busy so they wouldn't just run from room to room.  I had just 'pinned' this idea a night or two earlier and decided to try it.  I grabbed whatever kind of tape I could find and just started putting it down on the carpet. In my mind I was making a maze for them to drive cars in.

  The kids soon had different ideas. The red tape is the race track.
They added blocks for ramps for their monster trucks to jump. ( A couple boys had just been to a Monster Truck Rally that weekend)
They decided this table was McDonalds so we had to put the tape around it to be the drive thru.
These girls were taking orders.
Of course we had to make parking stalls too!

Some of the tape has gotten pulled up.  As they play they come up with more ideas and need tape put in different places.   It never seems to be the same game twice.  
I LOVE to see the kids use their imagination this way! 

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  1. Very interesting! Looks like both boys and girls can get involved with their ideas with the tape. Love it!!